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Two buildings with 39 subsidized homes in Montgat

client: IMPSOL

location: Montgat

project and management: DataAE · Xavier Vendrell Studio (UTE) Albert Domingo Ollé (Engineer)

Pau Cornellana Díaz (Architect) work execution management: Eulàlia Aran Corbella (technical architect)

ending year: 2022

built area: 4.330 m²

budget: 4.690.000

Set of two buildings adapted to the topography, thus taking advantage of the existing views towards the sea. An unbuilt central strip is configured between both buildings, to improve sunlight and ventilation.


Building 1 is located at the highest level of the plot, with a height of PB+2. Pedestrian access is in Sant Feliu street and the building consists of 17 apartments and 17 parking spaces.

Building 2 is located at the lowest level, with a height of PB+4. Pedestrian access is located on Calle de Las Baterías and the building consists of 22 homes and 16 parking spaces. The volume is divided into two blocks unified by a common exterior corridor on each floor and connected to each other by the core of stairs and elevator.ascensor.


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