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Socis Archs Constructora

We are a company which delivers global construction services in industrial projects, civil engineering, residential and non-residential building, refurbishing and earthworks.

About us

Albert Archs                                                    Wenceslao Jiménez                                              Isidre Archs

Archs Constructora és una empresa especialitzada en obres i serveis. Realitzem tot tipus de treballs de construcció: obra industrial, civil, edificació.

History and evolution

ISIDRE ARCHS, S.L.  was established in 1962 by Isidre Archs (1940-2007) in Sant Andreu de la Barca and incorporated in 1992. It is still a family business as the second generation has now taken over. 

ISIDRE ARCHS, S.L., began operating in agriculture and the development of industrial facilities specialising in earthworks. Since the 1980s the company has specialised in all types of civil engineering and supports the growth of local towns.

In the early 1990s it diversified its operations in the private and public sectors and general construction was added to its strategic plan.

In 2013, ISIDRE ARCHS, SL, kicked off organisational restructuring and further diversification which have made it into a global construction leader. This is how the ARCHS CONSTRUCTORA brand came about.

For over sixty years, we have been committed to quality and excellence which are the keys to maintaining competitive growth. Adapting and upgrading our work processes and systems, bringing in highly qualified staff and a commitment to training, research and new technology help us to build excellence.

This evolution means we can undertake projects of all kinds and sizes and meet the highest quality standards.

Values and objectives

What has undoubtedly shaped our journey over these decades has been a corporate culture that champions the values of transparency, honesty, prudent management, high standards, excellence and closeness to the customer inherent in a family business.


We are very much aware that the ultimate purpose of our work as a construction company is to improve the present and future quality of life of people and foster social wellbeing.


This corporate mindset has made us a leader in the industry due to the confidence that countless public and private companies and organisations sectors have shown in ARCHS Constructora.

La responsabilidad corporativa es la base de cualquier empresa, por eso velamos por la construcción sostenible y la prevención de riesgos laborales, etc.


As is indispensable today, our commitment to sustainability is unwavering. All our operations are based on the principles of staff training in new techniques and protocols, continuous improvement, efficient environmental management of our sites and projects and compliance with the most exacting Spanish and international regulations.


All this corroborates ARCHS Constructora’s firm commitment to sustainable development and society.


Management Team

Alejandro Guillén
José A Rodríguez
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