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A warehouse refurbishing in Sant Andreu de la Barca

client: Private

construction management: Nesco Ingeniería and Llacuna SGI project: Nesco Ingeniería and Llacuna SGI ending year: 2023

budget: 377.000


Refurbishing of a warehouse, scope of the project.

  • Replacement of the main façade with a cement block exposed façade up to a height of 2.50m and a light closure of Sandwich panels up to the roof.

  • Structural reinforcement using micropiles anchored to the existing foundation.

  • Demolition of the office, services and changing rooms, to provide an open space.

  • Electrical installation.

  • Replacement of the wastewater and stormwater network, with the configuration of two manholes.

  • Adaptation of the accesses.



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