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Assisted senior living in Terrassa

project and management: Francesc Oliva i Jordi Miró (Architects) execution management: Tecnics G3, SLP

ending year: 2023

area: 5.490 m²

budget: 6.300.000



The building of this assisted geriatric residence is made up of three volumes where the ground floor occupies the entire surface of the site and the rest of the floors adjust to the limits defined in the PMUR of Terrassa, resulting in a building which on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors has a "U" shape, while on the 4th and 5th floors, it has a rectangular shape. It has two basement floors; the first intended for common services of the Residence and the second intended for parking.

The three bodies, starting from the first floor, define a central space that allows the entry of light and natural ventilation where we find the main terrace located on the first floor. We also find two more terraces, passable, located on the roofs of the side bodies.

The cover of the central body has been used as a technical gallery, where most of the facilities will be located.



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