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Construction of the new Mira-sol Aquatic Center

The Sant Cugat City Council has awarded us the first phase for the construction of the Mira-Sol Aquatic Center.

The first phase of the project includes the construction of the main building and the indoor pool, changing rooms and reception.

This is a highly expected project by the residents of Mira-sol, next to Sant Cugat (Barcelona), and once finished it will have, in addition to the pool, a gym and bar service, reaching 3,900 m² built.


"The proposal for the Aquatic Center proposes a piece that is capable of articulating outdoor sports spaces, both existing ones and those that may exist in the future.

The building occupies, above ground level, a rectangle of about 60x25 meters, while the occupation is higher in the semi-buried floors, it extends with a triangle that overlooks the slopes area of 35x25 and in the access to the second basement, which is parallel to Pompeu Fabra street, in a 50x5 meter strip.

The structure of the building underscore the idea of rhythm and repetition generating modularity, and the roof appears as a floating element on the plinth, emphasizing the sense of horizontality and balancing the visuals caused by the slopes of the borders of the plot."



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