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Committed to water

Archs Constructora has always been highly committed to the environmental aspects of the works it carries out. The company always ensures that it generates the least amount of waste possible.

Civil Works - water pipes | Archs Constructora

For this, we study the earthworks for each project to optimise them in a way that minimises the material left over from the excavation and the spoil from the quarry. As part of this, the company is in constant contact with other industrial companies in the area to establish their needs for the earth that is left over or the need for earth for earthworks, thus achieving an environmental balance in the area.

That is why Archs Constructora is proud to be able to carry out environmental works such as the contract it was recently awarded by Aigües de Barcelona, ​​consisting of the renewing of 600 metres of existing 400 mm and 800 mm diameter drive pipes for the Estrella II Water Treatment Plant, forming part of the Llobregat system. The replacement of the old pipes with new cast iron and polyethylene pipes was carried out without cutting off the supply through these pipes.

Archs Constructora is finalizing the redevelopment works for the Wastewater Pumping Station in Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona, ​​a contract awarded to it by Aigües de Barcelona last June.

These projects complement the business area initiated in 2018 when Archs Constructora carried out the replacement of 600 metres of a 400 mm diameter pipe with a 700 mm diameter cast iron pipe, to increase the capacity of the pipeline that supplies water from the Cornellá wells to the Sant Joan Despí Treatment Plant in Barcelona.


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