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Technical office: the necessary support

Archs Constructora, following the recommendations of the Technical Director, has increased the number of people working in the company’s technical office, in order to contribute greater added value to the works in progress and to the Sales Department.

Archs Constructora has a technical office with highly qualified personnel to offer an agile and high-quality service.

To achieve this, it has hired an OHS expert who will provide support in relation to health and safety plans, follow-up of health monitoring and control of the documentation for the companies and staff involved in the works.

For this, Archs Constructora uses the service offered by the Obralia platform and all industrial companies who work for it must sign up to this as well.

The company has also hired an installation technician. This role is fundamental in the company, both for the bids studied by the Sales Department and for the works that involve a request for installation quotes.

At this time, the Archs Constructora technical office can provide a service for the calculation of structures, topography, drainage, installations, health and safety, quality and the environment.


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