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New residential building in Barcelona

In association with Agefred we started the construction of this peculiar building, design by WIT Architecs

This is a building with two bodies of different heights, an underground floor that extends throughout the plot and a patio on the ground floor that separates it from the plots inside the block.

The main façade, located on Dr. Trueta Street, consists of a body 20 m deep and with a ground floor plus 5 floors high. The rest of the volume, which runs along the Bori Passage, consists of a ground floor plus 3 floors, with a total constructed area of 6,857 m².

It will have 113 rooms with capacity for 141 residents and a parking for 38 cars, 15 motorcycles and 43 bicycles.

"A building that evokes the factories with exposed brick facades, which not too long ago were found in this area of Barcelona.

A residential space for a new generation that is permanently moving with a strong sense of belonging to the environment where is located, the use, services and layouts are global, the building, relationship with the environment and craftsmanship is local."


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