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ZAL BZ.1 Logistics building - 96,000 m² in 2 warehouses and 2,800 m² offices for Decathlon

management: Roberto Ripoll Pérez (Architect) GPO Ingeniería

certifications: LEED Platinum v4 BD+C: Warehouses and Distribution Centers

ending year: 2021 built area: 95.930 m²

budget: 44.973.895 € Temporary join venture: Isidre Archs, S.L. + Urcotex, S.L. + Agefred, S.L.U.


The building consists of 2 warehouses, 230x200m, that include the ground floor and first floor of offices, the connecting corridor between both warehouses and the technical rooms.

There are 112 dump docks for trucks and 4 dump docks for vans.

In addition, there are 55,817 m² of exterior urbanization, 2,173 m² for green areas, where 101 trees and 706 native shrubs are planted and automatically watered with rainwater collected in a 75,000-liter tank.

It also includes the parking area with capacity for:

  • 469 spaces for cars, 10 of them for adapted cars and 24 for shared vehicles

  • 6 electric chargers and 12 places for electric vehicles

  • 29 places for trucks

  • 20 places for motorcycles

  • 100 places for bicycles

1,826 photovoltaic panels have been installed on 7,180 m² of the roof that supply a 550 kW nominal power, able to reach a peak power of 660 kW.

The building's facilities are: drinking water, electricity, photovoltaics, lighting, climate, ventilation, detection and alarm, fire fighting, intrusion, surveillance cameras, telephone, control, waste collection and automatic irrigation with rainwater.


Leed Platinum certified logistics warehouse
Logistics building for Decathlon · Barcelona


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