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Redeveloping l’Orient, Sant Marc and Miquel Blanch streets and el Joc Square

location: Castellbisbal management: Cristina Sáez Talán (architect), Joan Roca Bastús (engineer)

ending year: 2018

area 1.605 m²

budget: 643.219 €


The action corresponds to phase two of the urban transformation project of Castellbisbal’s old town centre. The intervention is focused on redesigning three streets in the old quarter that are less than four metres wide and have quite different features.

The section of the three streets has been changed to a shared surface (no kerbs or change of level) and the urban services have been renewed.

Furthermore, some small spaces have been created in Carrer d’Orient and plaça del Joc that are made up of a platform-flower bed sequence, in order to adapt to the different levels and add vegetation.

In the final stretch of Carrer de Sant Marc urban elements have been placed to use the space as a square-observation point.

As in phase one, the same paving has been used in all the actions. It is a neutral and standard element that links the layout of the old town centre and, together with the systematisation of the section and materials, it creates an image that identifies the old quarter.


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