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Isidre Archs SL welcomes a new manager.

Alejandro Guillén | Gerent Archs Constructora

Isidre Archs SL has invited Alejandro Guillén, a civil engineer, to join the management of the company. He has extensive management experience in construction companies and, above all, in the building sector.

The company’s management is asking the new manager to lead the strengthening of the civil and industrial works areas, reorganise the central services and production control processes, and oversee entry into the renovation and new build sector.

The new manager’s first action to achieve this was to strengthen the sales team, led by José Antonio Rodríguez, and recommend the creation of two new departments: the Production Department, which will be managed by Jordi Cusidó, and the Technical Department, managed by Manuel Carqués.

He has also strengthened the administrative and control departments, all with the aim of helping the construction managers to provide our customers with the best possible service and of helping the company meet its quality, time and price targets for each of the projects we are managing


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