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Demolition and urbanization of the Sala i Badrinas factory

Terrassa City Council Urban Improvement Plan

project and management: BAMMP Arquitectes i Associats Francesc Bacardit (architect) Ferran Pont (architect) Carles Gelis (architect) ending year: 2022

area: 12.653 m²

budget: 3.800.0000


With this project, the sections of Baldrich, Prim, Lepant streets and the Rubí road included in the area of the Improvement Plan have been urbanized and a new road has been built that crosses the area from east to west and will connect with the streets ofEscudé and San Sebastián. The urbanization of the new interior streets of the sector is also included in this project


  • Demolition and earthworks

  • Strengthening and paving of streets and sidewalks

  • Service networks related to sanitation, water supply, public lighting, electricity (medium and low voltage), gas, telecommunications and urban waste collection.

  • Urban furniture and gardening

  • Horizontal and vertical signage.




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